Monthly Archives: April 2011

Attack of the Spam Snoids!

Dear music fans, Since starting this blog I have been inundated with spam and erroneous posts that could potentially gum up the works on this blog and even shut it down. I am being hyper careful about whose posts I actually put up on the blog for the obvious reasons. If you want to post […]

Developing as a creative Musician

I’m reading a book at the moment about the Beatles, Cant Buy Me Love The Beatles, Britain and America by Jonathan Gould. In the early pages of the book we read about John, Paul and George being part of a band called the Quarrymen, who got together initially to play a style of music called […]

That Wonderful yet Elusive Place

That Wonderful yet Elusive Place You are playing with your favorite rhythm section, and playing a tune that you have played many times before. The notes are flowing effortlessly back and forth between the players, engrossed in a deep and gratifying conversation. It doesn’t really feel like you are playing, but rather you are an […]