big band at the Bluenote Tokyo June 2012
Sonny and Carla
Larger than Life! Yellowjackets Shanghai 10/23/12
Carla and Bob Clinton Studios 1986
Circle for Camouflage sessions Clinton Studios NYC 1986
Mintzer Big Band Sax section: Bob Malach, Pete Yellin, Lawrence Feldman, Roger Rosenberg Clinton Studios NYC 1986
Nusbaum-Mintzer-Kurt Bong HR Big Band 1991
Green Mill, Chicago 12/18/11 w/Joel Spencer, Dan Trudell, and Jeff Coffin sitting in
Canyon Cove Session Castle Oaks Studio Calbasis, CA December 2009
Sadao Wantanabe and Bob December 2010 Tokyo, Japan
Sonny Rollins and Bob Disney Hall May 2010
Jackerts Promo shor for Timeline promotion Calbasis CA 2010
Bob w/ Dave Matthews Band 9/2010 Los Angeles
Jackets 2010 JALC
This was an encounter that took place at the Den Haag Jazz festi in the Netherlands May 2010. Bob with the tenor giants committee: Benny Golson, Jimmy Heath and Red Holloway
A light moment in the control room
Bob Malach solos
Bob and Pete Yellin playing
Bob and Pete wait while the trombone solos
Bob and Tom Jung review a take from the previous day
Bob conducts #1
Bob conducts #2
Bob cues the band
Bob directs the band
Bob in a lighter moment
Bob playing #1
Bob playing #2
Bob playing #3
Bob playing and cuing up the band
Bob pondering a change
Michael Philip Mossman solos
Pete Yellin solos
Pete Yellin solos and Bob cues the band
Peter Erskine #1
Peter Erskine #2
Peter Erskine laying down the groove
Peter Erskine tuning his drums
Phil Markowitz asks Bob a question
Phil Markowitz behind the piano #1
Phil Markowitz behind the piano #2
Reviewing a take
Taking a trombone solo
Taking a trumpet solo #1
Taking a trumpet solo #2
The band plays
The beautiful ceiling of the studio
The rhythm section - Peter Erskine, Jay Anderson, and Phil Markowitz
The sax section playing a take
The sax section rehearses
The studio prior to the band arriving
The trumpet section
The whole ensemble playing
Tom Jung and Bob
Tom Jung making some adjustments
Tom Jung's view from the control room #1
Tom Jung's view from the control room #2
Tuning the piano
View of the control room from the studio
Warming up
Working out a tune #2