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Playing The Saxophone

This book is a compilation of ideas acquired through playing, teaching and composing music via the saxophone. It encompasses techniques which deal with general musicianship, and then goes on to deal with different styles of saxophone playing Jazz, classical, funk, etc.). The intention here is to provide saxophonists with a solid foundation in playing their instrument, as well as to suggest things to do to get their playing to a place where it will be possible to work in today's music scene.

Some of the topics covered are what and how to practice, listening to music and what to listen for, what makes an original sound and style,. how to play with dynamics, shape and style, how to practice scales and what to do with them to form melodic ideas, and what is expected of you on the bandstand. At the end of the book are six etudes which incorporate the various techniques explored in the text. They are composed in a variety of styles ranging from bebop to orchestral.

Everything in this book is information that has been passed on to me from all the great musicians with whom I have had the good fortune to come in contact. To pass this material on to you is both a great honor and the logical thing to do for the purpose of keeping quality music alive. I hope you can incorporate some of the things here into your routine, and in turn, come up with your own interpretation of playing the saxophone

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