TA088 | Legiac: The Faex Has Decimated

TA088-1kLegiac began in 2007 with the collaboration of Don and Roel Funcken (Funckarma, Quench) and Cor Bolten (Dif:use) to create their first full length ‘Ming Feaner‘ on the Sending Orbs label. Combining intricate electronics with crisp beats and punchy melodies, ‘Mings Feaner‘ was met with open arms by intelligent dance music community.

With previous works released on such esteemed labels such as Skam, Ad Noiseam, Arcola (Warp subsidiary), Schematic, N5MD and others, Legiac now returns with Roel Funcken and Cor Bolten helming their sophomore album ‘The Faex Has Decimated‘ on Tympanik Audio.

The Faex Has Decimated‘ sees a combination of Boltens darker, more eerie vibes spidering through Roel’s trademark syncopated glitches, immaculate production, and warm melodic dreamscapes – as only Legiac can deliver.

Available now on CD and Digital formats. Artwork by shift.



  1. Keplerian Orbit
  2. Mantikythera Echanism
  3. Jefre Treminth
  4. Bizoid Stroke
  5. Sprain Detaxx
  6. Conazol Ketamind
  7. The Faex Has Decimated
  8. Mellar Stass
  9. Hannabinoid Cyperemesis
  10. Row Glodation
  11. Sevastopol’s Nexus
  12. Gliese581c
  13. Jefre Tramix